ACPE Continuing Pharmacy Education Standards Webinars

Welcome to the Continuing Pharmacy Education Provider webinar page. ACPE is committed to advancing the pharmacy profession through quality resources that offer professional development opportunities for CE professionals while strengthening Provider programming. ACPE offers a number of on demand webinars on the policies and procedures as well as the twelve CPE Standards. The ACPE webinars on the Continuing Pharmacy Education Standards are designed to provide a working knowledge of the ACPE accreditation process as it relates to continuing pharmacy education, including training and activities on the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education and Policies and Procedures. Browse our educational offerings today!

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ACPE Policies and Procedures

The purpose of ACPE’s Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Policies and Procedures is to give the ACPE-accredited providers a guide to ACPE’s CPE program policies and practices as they apply to providers’ CPE overall program and individual activities. The policies included in this manual and webinar form part of the essential understandings between ACPE-accredited providers and ACPE. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)

Standard 1 – Achievement of Mission and Goals

The provider must develop a CPE mission statement that defines the basis and intended outcomes for the majority of educational activities the provider offers. The mission and goals should be systematically evaluated and periodically updated to assure consistency among the mission, overall goals, and individual activities. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)

Standard 2 – Gap Analysis

The provider must develop CPE activities based on a knowledge, skill, or practice gap. The provider should identify gaps between what pharmacists and pharmacy technicians currently know or do and what is needed and desired in practice. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)

Standards 6, 7 and 8 – Delivery of CPE Activities

The provider must communicate and collaborate with CPE activity faculty regarding the identified practice gaps, educational needs, intended audience, objectives, active participation, and learning assessments for each CPE activity. The provider must assure that all CPE activities include active participation and involvement of the pharmacist and technician. The provider must offer educational materials for each CPE activity that will enhance participants’ understanding of the content and foster applications to pharmacy practice. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)

Standards 9 and 10 – Assessment of Learning and Assessment Feedback

The provider in collaboration with faculty must include learning assessments in each CPE activity to allow pharmacists and technicians to assess their achievement of the learned content. Learning assessment(s) should be planned before, during, or after a CPE activity. The provider must ensure learner assessment feedback is provided to participants in an appropriate, timely, and constructive manner. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)

Standard 11 – Evaluation of CPE Activities

The purpose of this webinar is to ensure that providers evaluate the effectiveness of CPE activities as part of the assessment of the CPE program. Providers must have an evaluation process that allows for determination of the degree to which CPE activities have met their intended outcome(s). They must use this information for continuous quality improvement of their CPE programs. Webinar Fee: $75 (Non-refundable)