Resources FAQs

Yes, if you’d like to access the ACPE standards checklist, rubric, and samples you may visit,

To access the webinar recordings that you have purchased, click the 'My Webinars' tab at the top of the webpage. On the 'My Webinars' page you will be able to see your current webinars, webinars in which your access has expired, and you have the option to search for additional webinars for purchase by clicking 'Search All Webinars.' Click on the title of the webinar you wish to view and you will be redirected to the webinar recording. Click on the video link on the left hand toolbar to begin the recording. On the recording page you will have the ability to download the PowerPoint slides and supplemental resources related to the webinar prior to viewing the actual recording. 

Attachments in PDF format require Adobe Reader ( to view.If you continue to have difficulty accessing the attachments in each recording, please contact your IT department. If your organization's IT department has determined that the issue cannot be resolved, please contact